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Seamlessly Enhance Accessibility in CX Through Communication

To provide comprehensive, seamless and fulfilling customer experience (CX), agencies must listen to customer feedback. Part of the Federal Government’s current CX initiatives, inspired by the President’s Management Agenda Executive Order Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government and , focuses on improving the digital experience of Government customers. Agencies with public-facing services that were designated as High-Impact Service Providers (HISPs) follow the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)’s guidance to move services online. By highlighting customer feedback and utilizing technology to improve service delivery, agencies can make strides to improve their CX.

Where To Start

Improving CX should be faced with a rigorous, multi-channeled approach. For many agencies, the renewal of their services will take 2-3 years, if not longer. Strategies for reshaping CX will vary among agencies, as certain stages in their journey will be specific to their needs. However, on a broad organizational level, there are a few main steps agencies can take. Initial goals manifest as process mapping. This critical step can help agencies understand what Federal programs are asking of them, and what they need to do to improve their agency. Next, agencies should establish a robust feedback process. To improve customer service, agencies must gather information through surveys to understand the wants and needs of the constituents they serve. Specific milestones along this process can include encouraging agency employees to work with customers directly or acclimating them to new services or applications. Some agencies will work primarily online. After recording what resources, portals and technical assistances exist, as well as what improvements need to be made, agencies should begin refining their CX strategies. Across all Federal agencies, design should be seamless and accessible.

Technology and CX, Hand In Hand

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When improving CX, agencies should integrate technology into their feedback process. Technologies such as clear and readable dashboards, analytics campaigns and automation can enable employees to read and acknowledge all feedback received. Once employees analyze feedback, they will be empowered to implement necessary changes vital to both employee and customer happiness. Empowerment can come in the form of setting up IT teams with employees at all levels of the company, granting and delegating capabilities to experts. Driving improvements in CX can look like implementing customer-facing services. With call centers, chat bots, community centers and more, agencies must consider how their services are being utilized and whether they are optimized. The strategy behind the service is just as important as the service offered.

Oftentimes, customers are not compelled to respond to paper or virtual surveys. Sending employees out into the field to and provide a face-to-face, personable interaction and garner real-time reactions can help gather a response from a larger sample. With the usage of analytics programs, agencies can track how many outreach efforts it takes to get responses to online initiatives, as well as the time spent on those responses.

Equity and Accessibility

The equity and accessibility of their customers are imperative for agencies considering enhancing their CX capabilities. Public-facing services reach millions of customers, and therefore, need to be accessible to a variety of different people. For example, even some smaller states feature citizens with more than 95 different languages. To communicate with everyone, agencies can provide language services. When crafting statements, reaching people of different education levels must be accounted for as well. Websites, pitches or pamphlets that explain service access should be clear and concise. Regardless of socioeconomic status or location, every customer deserves access to Government resources. While many aspects of Government services have moved online, not everyone has access to stable internet or a device. Therefore, agencies should consider physical centers or kiosks at community centers. Additionally, experiences should be consistent across these diverse backgrounds. All customer service should be thoughtful and considerate. Agencies need to understand their respective compliance and accessibility standards. Offering audio provisions on websites and closed captions on videos can help reach a wider audience as well.

Adobe works from the omni-channel experience to set a higher standard for the digital experience in Government. By working directly with clients, Adobe can help stakeholders and vendors to champion their customer service.

To learn more about how Adobe is setting a higher standard for CX in Federal Government, on implementing feedback to improve customer service.

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