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FedRAMP Roadmap 2024-25: Modernization Strategy and its Impact on the Program

Carahsoft represents a wide range of FedRAMP offerings and supports many emerging SaaS ISVs as they create Government mission focused solutions. Our Government customers have leveraged thousands of reuse authorizations across the hundreds of FedRAMP authorized cloud services that Carahsoft sells and supports. With such a substantial record of reuses, FedRAMP could be considered the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and security enhancing program in the history of Government IT.

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We are excited by the new FedRAMP , released by GSA on March 28, 2024. This roadmap introduces strategic initiatives designed to modernize the program. FedRAMP allows agencies to leverage previously completed work and reuse cloud authorizations, offering significant time and cost savings for government and industry alike.

Building on the released in October 2023, the FedRAMP Roadmap underscores GSA’s commitment to make the program faster and less expensive for Federal Agencies and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). This blog post aims to analyze the roadmap’s key initiatives and outline its primary objectives. FedRAMP lays out four clear goals to drive the program forward:

  1. Orienting around the customer experience
  2. Cybersecurity leadership
  3. Scaling a trusted marketplace
  4. Smarter, technology-forward operations

Accelerating FedRAMP Authorization and Deployment

Several initiatives introduced by the PMO are designed to significantly speed up the authorization process for CSPs and enable agencies to deploy advanced technology more rapidly:

  1. Reciprocity with External Frameworks: Starting with Low-impact SaaS, the roadmap outlines a plan to enhance interoperability across different frameworks. This allows CSPs to reuse previously completed work, reducing the time to achieve FedRAMP authorization.
  2. Low-review Authorization Model: In partnership with DISA, the roadmap pilots a model where trusted agencies undergo a less extensive review process. This approach aims to make the authorization process faster and more efficient for agencies with mature review processes.
  3. Joint Authorization Groups: The FedRAMP PMO, OMB, and the FedRAMP Board are establishing joint authorization groups to promote a unified approach to risk management. This collaboration is expected to reduce the overall risk profile and workload, thereby increasing the chances for a CSP to secure agency sponsorship.
  4. Digital Authorization Packages: The PMO plans to pilot machine-readable packages using OSCAL. These digital packages are designed to speed up the review process by eliminating many of the manual tasks currently required of PMO staff.

These steps are part of a broader effort to make FedRAMP more agile and responsive to the needs to both CSPs and government agencies, ensuring quicker access to secure and industry-leading cloud solutions.

Maintaining a Cutting-Edge Program

Other initiatives laid out in FedRAMP’s 2024-25 roadmap addresses an effort to continuously update and enhance the program:

  1. SCR Overhaul: Replacing the extensive Significant Change Request (SCR) process with a more agile change management system. This adjustment allows for quicker delivery of security updates, better aligning FedRAMP with the rapid iteration cycles typical of commercial tech products. By allowing CSPs to implement iterative product updates, FedRAMP is not only improving its own operational efficiency but also enhancing the security posture of cloud services used throughout the federal government.
  2. Updated Guidance: Refreshing guidelines in critical security areas, including FIPS 140, DNSSEC, and external service integrations. These updates ensure that the program keeps pace with the latest developments in cybersecurity.
  3. New Metrics: To better meet the evolving needs to agencies and CSPs, FedRAMP is introducing new, customer-oriented key performance metrics.

Through these initiatives, FedRAMP is not just maintaining its standards but also enhancing its adaptability, ensuring it continues to set the standard in government cloud security.  


Looking Forward

The roadmap marks a clear commitment to modernization. The PMO is confident that this strategic overhaul will alleviate the current review backlog, streamline processes, and optimize service delivery. As we look towards a transformative period for FedRAMP, Carahsoft remains committed to supporting our partners through these changes. Together, we anticipate a future where Government cloud technology is not only secure and compliant but also at the cutting edge of innovation.

To learn more about Carahsoft’s partner marketplace for FedRAMP certified cloud solutions visit our FedRAMP portfolio and speak to a member of our team today.  

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