• GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Law Enforcement

    This report describes how technology can improve outcomes and achieve greater impacts as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

    • Law Enforcement Technology, All
  • Filling the Gaps

    Technology gains new importance as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

    • Law Enforcement Technology, All
  • Managing Cyber Exposure in Law Enforcement

    Michael Rothschild, Senior Director of Marketing for Tenable, shares advice for protecting data and resources as the cybercrime landscape expands and evolves.

    • CMMC, Law Enforcement Technology, Tenable
  • Using Blockchain Analysis to Fight Crime

    Don Spies, Director of Market Development for Chainalysis, discusses how law enforcement agencies can use blockchain technology to fight crime.

    • Law Enforcement Technology, Chainalysis
  • Supporting the Law Enforcement Community During COVID-19 and Beyond

    Lacey Wean, Director of the Law Enforcement Team at Carahsoft, walks through how the agencies that form the criminal justice system adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

    • Law Enforcement Technology, All
  • Cloud: The IT Force Multiplier

    Ryan Reynolds, Public Safety Strategy Leader for AWS, explains how the cloud can be a force multiplier by enabling law enforcement agencies to streamline processes and deploy crime-fighting tools faster.

    • Law Enforcement Technology, AWS
  • Morgan Wright: Technology is Key to More Efficient and Effective Law Enforcement

    Morgan Wright explains how technology can help law enforcement agencies manage challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events.

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  • The Axon Network - Powering Public Safety Innovation

    Richard E. Coleman, II, Axon VP and General Manager of Axon's Federal Sector, discusses how Axon empowers officers to spend more time ensuring the safety of their communities by eliminating tedious day-to-day tasks with cloud-enabled workflows and digital evidence management.

    • Law Enforcement Technology