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Pryon and Carahsoft Partner to Bring Innovative AI Solutions to the Public Sector

Agencies Now Able to Access Powerful and Easy-to-Use GenAI Information Retrieval Engine

RALEIGH, N.C., and RESTON, Va. — June 20, 2024 —  and ˹., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as Pryon’s Public Sector distributor, making the company’s Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)-based for generative AI (GenAI) solutions available to the Public Sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners and Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2) and National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint contracts.

"At Pryon, we recognize the transformative potential for AI to reshape the future of work, particularly within the Government," said Chris Mahl, President and COO of Pryon. "Our partnership with Carahsoft signifies a pivotal moment in providing Federal entities with seamless access to trusted AI solutions. Pryon’s offerings enable agencies to unlock valuable insights from unstructured data while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security."

Pryon’s RAG Suite uses its cutting-edge retrieval engine to extract knowledge from user-approved multi-modal content repositories, facilitating easy access to policies, manuals, lessons learned and other trusted content with clear attribution to sources. Its GenAI products open new avenues for the Government to leverage advanced AI capabilities to reduce repetitive tasks, streamline workflows and democratize access to knowledge. With Pryon, agencies are able to securely implement GenAI to receive accurate and timely answers from complex, fragmented content and drive efficiency, productivity and enhanced decision-making for employees.

“GenAI technology continues to be utilized for new and innovative use-cases, and it is critical that the Government takes advantage of the technology’s potential,” said Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft President. “Carahsoft is thrilled to partner with Pryon to make its RAG-based AI solutions available to the Public Sector. By collaborating with Pryon and our reseller partners to facilitate the rapid acquisition and deployment of its solutions, we empower agencies to efficiently retrieve answers to pressing questions from complex and scattered content, resulting in faster, more effective and accurate decisions.”

Pryon’s solutions are available through Carahsoft’s ITES-SW2 Contract W52P1J-20-D-0042 and NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472. For more information, contact the Carahsoft Team at (888) 606-2770 or Pryon@carahsoft.com; or read this brief on Pryon for the Federal Government.

About Pryon
Pryon provides a trusted, safe, and proven path to implementing generative AI in enterprises. Pryon's best-in-class ingestion and retrieval engines can be paired with generative LLMs to implement retrieval-augmented generation and securely provide accurate, instant, and verifiable answers at enterprise scale. Using industry-leading retrieval technology, Pryon RAG Suite securely extracts answers from all forms of content, including audio, images, text, and video, stored in a myriad of sources. Pryon’s products are intuitive to use, accessible via API from any system, and can be deployed in a matter of weeks in the cloud or on-premises. Created by the AI pioneers instrumental in developing Alexa, Siri, and Watson, Pryon is trusted by leading enterprises and government agencies. By reducing the distance between people and answers, Pryon builds high-performing, resilient, and responsive organizations. For more information, or to request a demo, visit .  

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About Carahsoft’s AI Portfolio 
Carahsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Portfolio includes leading and emerging technology vendors that are enabling government agencies and systems integrators to harness the power of AI and ultimately meet mission needs. Supported by dedicated AI product specialists and an extensive ecosystem of resellers, integrators and service providers, we help organizations identify the right technology for unique environments and provide access to technology solutions through our broad portfolio of contract vehicles. Our AI portfolio spans solutions for Data Center & Hardware, Generative AI, Synthetic Data & Labeling, Autonomous Systems & Robotics and more. Learn more about Carahsoft’s AI Solutions for Government here

About Carahsoft
˹. is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, supporting Public Sector organizations across Federal, State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare markets. As the Master Government Aggregator® for our vendor partners, we deliver solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, MultiCloud, DevSecOps, Customer Experience and Engagement, Open Source and more. Working with resellers, systems integrators and consultants, our sales and marketing teams provide industry leading IT products, services and training through hundreds of contract vehicles. Visit us at www.carahsoft.com 

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