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The public sector is under pressure to develop and deploy applications rapidly without sacrificing security and compliance. By adopting the Development, Security and Operations culture known as DevSecOps, agencies will have access to solutions that provide continuous software improvement, integrated security, and a quicker path to production or an authority to operate (ATO).


Carahsoft and our vendor partners deliver proven, innovative DevSecOps solutions to public sector agencies that ensure compliance by building security into every phase of the DevOps lifecycle. These solutions support collaborative planning, rapid code builds, iterative testing, rapid release, optimized deployment and ongoing monitoring that continuously feeds into the next wave of planning.

Carahsoft Provides Trusted and Secure DevOps Solutions

Carahsoft is pleased to carry leading DevSecOps solutions that deliver a powerful advantage for government digital transformation. DevSecOps tools and software provide agencies with:

  • Faster and more secure software and application releases
  • Greater interoperability between systems and devices
  • The freedom and flexibility to focus on mission success

View the DevSecOps solutions portfolio from Carahsoft’s vendor partners below.

  • All DevSecOps Vendors
  • Leading DevSecOps Vendors (10)
  • Development Tools (15)
  • Agile Planning (8)
  • Build & Test (13)
  • Application Deployment (14)
  • Continuous Integration (CI/CD) (21)
  • Cloud Providers (8)
  • Security & Compliance/Monitoring (38)
  • Kubernetes Distributions (5)

All DevSecOps Vendors

Discover the Latest Innovation in DevOps and DevSecOps

In this ebook, we share insights from both government and industry leaders about how to successfully move from pilots and limited agile programs to full-blown agencywide DevSecOps implementations.
Willie Hicks, public-sector chief technologist at Dynatrace, details how using AI-driven observability throughout the software life cycle ensures the ongoing performance and security of applications.
Zack Butcher, founding engineer at Tetrate and co-author of the NIST SP 800-200 series and SP 800-207A, explores the infrastructure layer that's a key tool for enforcing security standards and limiting the damage an attacker can do.

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Carahsoft August 30, 2022

Copado, the global leader in low-code DevOps, today announced it launched a new DevSecOps training module to help make software releases faster and more secure.


Carahsoft July 27, 2022

When the Navy Department set about the process of simplifying its journey to modern software development, officials decided it didn’t make much sense to reinvent the wheel. So instead of building a software factory and development pipeline from scratch, they borrowed heavily from the Air Force’s Platform One initiative and tailored it to the Navy’s needs where necessary.