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Today’s leading healthcare organizations and agencies are harnessing the power of telehealth platforms and cutting-edge technology solutions to combat COVID-19, healthcare inequality and other challenges to modernization. As the healthcare industry continuously evolves, reliable technology solutions are critical to improving patient care, interoperability and efficiency.  

Carahsoft, The Trusted IT Solutions Provider for the Healthcare Industry™, offers an innovative portfolio of healthcare technology solutions that improve the overall quality, safety and effectiveness of health delivery systems. Our solution providers’ advanced IT solutions help organizations increase productivity and administrative efficiencies by decreasing paperwork, enabling real-time communication of health informatics and much more.  

The Trusted IT Solutions Provider for the Healthcare Industry™

Health organizations can seamlessly modernize legacy systems by adopting state-of-the-art IT solutions and services to optimize workflows and derive actionable insights from real-time data for improved decision-making. Learn how innovative technologies are improving the Healthcare Industry with: 

  • Data Management and Storage Solutions 
  • Network Security Systems protected by Privilege Access Control
  • HIPAA Compliant Software 
  • Security Solutions to Mitigate Cyber Threats and Breaches
  • Digital Records of Patient Health Information (EMR/EHR)

Explore our best-of-breed Healthcare IT solutions portfolio to start optimizing your patient care and technology environment.  

  • All Healthcare Technology Vendors
  • Patient Facing Care (13)
  • Healthcare Analytics (8)
  • Protecting Healthcare Organization from Cyber Breaches (25)
  • Modernization of Healthcare IT (25)
  • Identity Management and Fraud Prevention (3)

All Healthcare Technology Vendors

Digital Healthcare Contracts and Purchasing Agreements

To better serve our customers, Carahsoft holds a wide array of contracts to help your healthcare organization streamline its procurement of the best-fit technology solutions for your mission needs. Fill out the form to request a quote and connect with a live representative today.

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The healthcare industry was already adapting to meet consumer expectations for digital experiences before COVID-19. Now, the pandemic has pushed the need for improved digital solutions to the forefront. This eBook explores the impact of the pandemic alongside pre-existing trends like industry consolidation, big data and telemedicine. Discover how Acquia can empower you to navigate these challenges, optimize customer experience and deliver the digital healthcare solutions this demanding time requires.


This eBook explores the critical link between patient experience and success in the digital age. Discover the impact of patient experience on key metrics, the growing importance of user-friendly digital channels and how a powerful collaboration between Acquia and CI&T is transforming healthcare CX. Learn how to prioritize patients like never before and use digital tools to create a positive, engaging experience for every interaction.