Carahsoft, in conjunction with its vendor partners, sponsors hundreds of events each year, ranging from webcasts and tradeshows to executive roundtables and technology forums.

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Upcoming Events

Adobe Event

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: Adobe & Carahsoft
Location: Reston, VA
Become an official Adobe Certified Professional at the ColdFusion Summit East - an industry-leading certification program from Adobe for ColdFusion developers. It is designed for professionals with basic to advanced-level proficiency in any ...

Venafi Event

Event Date: April 23, 2024 - April 24, 2024
Hosted By: Venafi & Carahsoft

Google Workspace Webcast

Event Date: March 26, 2024 - July 23, 2024
Hosted By: Google Workspace & Carahsoft
In this webinar series, we covered the following topics and more: Google Workspace for Government How Google Does Security GenAI - Realistic ways to make it work for you

Okta Event

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: Okta & Carahsoft
Join Okta in Washington, DC on Tuesday, April 23rd to learn from leaders in government and industry as they share how Identity accelerates Zero Trust Architecture, streamlines secure user experiences, and bolsters operational resilience.  ...

Alteryx, Inc. Webcast

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: Alteryx
Thank you for your interest in our Alteryx webinar: ...

Anomali Webcast

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: Anomali & Carahsoft
Security Operations Centers struggle to keep pace with modern cybersecurity threat requirements. The volume and speed of threats (IOCs and IOAs) are well beyond the processing capabilities of even experienced security analysts, and this constraint doesn’t factor in the cost of these systems, which are expensive to buy, ...

EarlyBirds Webcast

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: EarlyBirds & Carahsoft
In an era where technology advancements are both rapid and revolutionary, distinguishing between civilian and military applications poses significant challenges and opportunities for national security, foreign policy, and global technological leadership. ...

ServiceNow Event

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: ServiceNow & Carahsoft
Location: Vienna, VA
Attendees joined ServiceNow for a dedicated technical practitioners workshop focused on how to use ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution to enable organizations to transform their strategy, alignment, and value of delivery across strategic investments. ...

In this webinar, attendees learned about: ...

BeyondTrust Webcast

Event Date: April 23, 2024
Hosted By: BeyondTrust & Carahsoft
Attacks on identities, especially those with elevated access and privileges, are at an all-time high. Yet agencies are challenged with securing significantly more privileged accounts and supporting vastly larger decentralized networks than in years past. In this perimeter-less, remote world, organizations need a higher degree ...



This resource is our new e-book guide to creating and maintaining AI data pipelines. It provides a thorough overview of AI data preparation, pipeline architecture, and maintenance.

Written by Resiliant's Chief Growth Officer, Victoria Cerrone, the following article discusses Biden's Executive Orders on Digital Activity, highlighting the need to manage AI risks and safeguard personal data. The lack of legislation addressing data privacy and security standards is a pressing conc...

Pulse oximeters can be thrown off by dark skin, which may have had deadly consequences in the pandemic. Engineers think they have a solution.

Lockheed Martin and NVIDIA announced a collaboration to build an Artificial Intelligence driven Earth Observations Digital Twin that will provide the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with an efficient and centralized approach to monitor current global environmental conditions, ...

From court filings to right of way agreements, notarized documents are essential to completing key government agency transactions. Today, most notarizations are paper-based and are conducted in person. This requires scheduling an office visit for multiple constituents, and wait times for documents t...

With the $550 billion dollars of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding allotted for states, there is a tremendous opportunity for state-level Departments of Transportation (DoTs) to leverage this funding for transformative efforts. This funding provides an opportunity to modernize and optim...

In times of challenge and disaster, Accela understands the importance of rapid response and assessment to communities and residents to aid in clean-up and recovery.