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The Public Sector relies on proactive intelligence to provide actionable insights that advance agency investigations, improve decision-making and identify critical opportunities. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) technology allows agencies to utilize Publicly Available Information (PAI) to gather valuable intelligence for their missions.


Carahsoft and our OSINT providers support Government intelligence efforts including monitoring national security threats, detecting cyber vulnerabilities, executing criminal inquiries and more. Our leading OSINT software solutions deliver intelligence to your agency through data mining, monitoring and dispersion.

Carahsoft’s Trusted OSINT Tools and Platforms

OSINT technology is used in executing the preparation, collection, processing, analysis and dissemination stages of the intelligence cycle. Our technology partners support the Public Sector by collating intelligence from open, publicly accessible sources to provide:  

  • Cost-Effective Information Access
  • Objective Data Insights
  • Timely Evidence Gathering

Explore Carahsoft’s OSINT portfolio to access solutions that support your agency’s mission objectives.

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OSINT Resources

Sayari_OSINT_Interview_Thumbnail_.jpg OSINT RESOURCE

Jim Dempsey, Senior Director of Defense and Intelligence at Sayari discusses the challenges of accessing authentic and reliable data with Francis Rose from FedGov Today at the OSINT Foundation Tech Expo.

Screenshot_2024-04-09_103414.jpg OSINT RESOURCE

The article discusses the utilization of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to combat public assistance benefits fraud effectively. It explores how OSINT tools and techniques can be employed to gather and analyze publicly available data to detect fraudulent activities, such as identity theft and false claims. By leveraging OSINT, government agencies and law enforcement can enhance their ability to identify suspicious patterns, investigate cases efficiently, and prevent fraudulent activities. The article emphasizes the importance of collaboration between agencies, data sharing, and the adoption of advanced technologies to combat benefits fraud successfully and protect public funds.

Latest OSINT News 

Carahsoft November 02, 2023

Seerist, Inc., the leading augmented analytics solution for intelligence, threat, and security professionals, and ÄĐČËą¬µî., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership.



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